Trunk Bay Beach, St John

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Trunk Bay, St John mini mapThe most famous, most photographed, and arguably the most beautiful beach on St John is Trunk Bay Beach. And with good reason. Located inside the Virgin Islands National Park – Trunk Bay is picture postcard perfect! Majestic coconut palms and seagrapes cast hard shadows across sugary soft sand. Gentle waves surge and recede. The water is a sparkling aqua that slowly fades to the blue of deeper waters.

“The most famous, most photographed, and arguably the most beautiful beach on St John…”

Just off the center of the beach lies Trunk Cay. This tiny “island” consists of jagged dark rocks topped with grasses, brush and Tyre palms. It’s real beauty is hidden beneath the waves. There snorkelers will discover Trunk Bay’s Underwater Snorkeling Trail. Starting on the Western side, you’ll find underwater plaques that identify the myriad of marine life – hard and soft corals, tropical fish, and marine invertebrates.

Trunk Bay is the only beach on St John with lifeguards. You’ll also find amenities like a food and drink concession, showers, bathrooms, and beach chair rentals. But all of this comes at a price! Trunk Bay is also the only beach on St John with an admissions charge.

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Believe it or not one of the top destinations for cruise ship visitors docking in St Thomas – is a day trip to Trunk Bay, St John! And while the cruise ships often offer excursions that include St John / Trunk Bay; we know that plenty of you enjoy the adventure and flexibility of making the trek for yourselves. So, here’s some directions:

The Red Hook ferry is the favored departure location – leaving every hour on the hour. It connects with Cruz Bay, St John – and its schedule is pretty dependable. The ferry ride takes about 20>25 minutes each way.

Arriving at the ferry dock in Cruz Bay – visitors will find no shortage of safari taxis to take them to St John’s North Shore beaches ( Trunk, Hawksnest, Cinnamon Bay … even Caneel ). Taxi fees are $8/pp EW … $6/pp for 2+ people EW. The taxi ride takes about 20 minutes depending on the number of stops and time at any scenic overlooks.

Trunk Bay entrance fee ( see above)

You’ll find food, drink, showers, bathrooms and a lifeguard. Enjoy snorkeling the 300′ Underwater Snorkeling Trail that runs along the western side of Trunk Cay, just 30 yards off the beach!

Give yourself plenty of time for your return
The safari taxis are waiting at the entrance parking area to take guests back to Cruz Bay. Give yourself a cushion of time in case there are any delays along your return. It doesn’t happen often – but you DO NOT want to miss the boat ..literally or figuratively ; )