The Baths, Virgin Gorda

The Baths of Virgin Gorda

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Located in the British Virgin Islands sits the volcanic island Virgin Gorda. At just under 8 square miles, it’s the third largest of the BVIs. But what puts Virgin Gorda on the map is a unique natural formation located along the southern end of the island.

Virgin Gorda boasts one of the Caribbean’s most unusual geologic formation, known as The Baths. Visitors from all of the world come to see and explore the granite boulder formations that span LittleĀ  Trunk Bay, Spring Bay and Devils Bay. Most Caribbean islands are formed from volcanic activity. Layer upon layer of magma rises to the surface and cools, forming islands. Over time these formations erode creating the island topography we see today. On Virgin Gorda we find granite boulders, which are not volcanic, usually found at much deeper depths – and thus never reach the surface. This is what makes this destination so special.

The granite boulders of The Baths are smooth from erosion. Over thousands of years they’ve been carved and exposed such that they now form beautiful caverns, arches and tunnels where the beach meets the sea. Visitors can scramble over and explore these impressive stone passages and romantic pools.

The Baths have long lured visitors – but it wasn’t until 1991 that this area was designated and protected within the BVI National Park. Today, you’ll find it’s a must-see for tourists visiting the US Virgin Islands and the BVIs.

DAY CHARTERS from St Thomas and St John

Many of the powerboat and sailing charters visit The Baths / Virgin Gorda. Most local captains are very familiar with the hottest spots for snorkeling, swimming, destinations, island bars and fishing.


US citizens are reminded that, unlike travel within the US Virgin Islands, travel to the British Virgin Islands requires a passport.

INTER-ISLAND FERRY to The Baths of Virgin Gorda

The Inter-Island ferry system connects the US Virgin Islands with ports within the BVIs, including Charlotte Amalie / St Thomas, Red Hook / St Thomas, Cruz Bay / St John to Spanish Town. Tourists can travel by ferry to Virgin Gorda. Once there you’ll find transportation to The Baths – as it’s a very popular destination.


Inter-Island Boat Service
St Thomas / St John > Virgin Gorda
Runs Thursdays + Sundays, Departs Red Hook, St Thomas at 8:00 am, Departs Cruz Bay, St John at 8:30am, Departs Virgin Gorda, BVI at 3:00pm

For current schedule and fares please visit their site