Maho Bay Beach, St John

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Maho Bay Beach, St John mapMaho Bay Beach on St John ranks among the most beloved of all North Shore beaches. Located along St John’s famous North Shore, and protected within the VI National Park, Maho Bay has it all. Check out our St John Beach Map for location and directions.

“Maho Beach tops our list of recommended beaches for sea turtle sightings!”


Arguably, top of the list is convenience. Families, especially, will enjoy the short walk from parking to the beach. Coolers, snorkel gear, chairs … it can be a drag, literally and figuratively, to get everything “required” for a beach day – to the beach. At Maho parking is just 40′ away! So pack up the kids and the beach gear and make Maho your beach destination. You’ll also find bathroom facilities as well as grilling area and covered picnic tables.


Second on the list is the amazing diversity of birds, fish and marine creatures that inhabit Maho Bay. The large seagrass bed that spans the length of the beach about 30m off the beach is a favorite spot to glimpse a sea turtle or ray. In fact Maho tops our list of recommended beaches for sea turtle sightings! But, you’ll also find pelicans and rays and Tarpon following the shoreline in search of small fish.


Sure the beach is nice, but snorkelers will find some amazing sights just off the beach. Looking for patch reefs, coral and tropical fish? You’ll want to snorkel along the eastern shore or the western shore. The water is shallow ( 5′>15′ ) and visibility is usually very good. Snorkel around the eastern point and you’ll discover Little Maho beach. A short strip of sand that sits between Maho Beach and Francis Beach. For more detailed information on Maho Bay snorkeling.